Friday, March 05, 2010

Cheeky Monkey

I have so much I’d love to write about, but this is just a quick break between my LAST presentation (woot!) and my second to last article review. The end of the semester is in sight!

For my last presentation which was, of course, on monkeys (vervets to be exact) I was on youtube looking for videos because a) vervets are adorable and b) the most important part of any presentation is those three or four minutes when you make everyone watch a video instead of having to actually talk.

Of course I couldn’t find anything relevant (which was not a problem anyway because the projector was broken and a grand total of four people were in class) but I DID find this amazing video of Vervets in St. Kitts. Yes I am the monkey girl. Yes I am owning it. But seriously…
Alcoholic Vervet Monkeys - BBC Weird Nature