Monday, October 25, 2010

What Comes Next?

I’m back, in more than one sense. I’m back to the blog after an absence of far too long and back home, having finished my dissertation, packed up my life, and boarded the plane back to the States. Hard to believe my Masters year is over, and even harder to believe, to some, that I have no plans regarding the big What Next. Still, the last few major life decisions I’ve made have been on a whim, and have worked out better than anything I could have planned. I applied to the Cuba study abroad program when I was bored at an internship one day. My decision to apply to Edinburgh came one night in Cuba when I couldn’t sleep. Point being, I’m not too worried about what comes next. Dissertation grades are back and I will officially be graduating at the end of November, meaning I will be back in Edinburgh for a week. Maybe life inspiration will strike after I have the diploma in hand. And until then? I’ll be catching you up on some of the adventures, insights, and aimless wanderings that made the second half of my year so amazing. So stay tuned. I may no longer be abroad, but I’m still as oblivious as ever…except now with 'MSc' after my name.

Aheli and Me: Masters of packing light (that's only partially sarcastic. We were gone a whole year !). Thanks to Mom who stopped laughing long enough to take the picture...