Sunday, February 07, 2010

Return of the Kilt Man

Earlier this week I had to go to the bank and while waiting in line, I spotted, in the line next to me, the Kilt Man. Yes, that Kilt Man, the one I spotted on the street corner a few weeks ago exposing me (although thankfully not literally) to the benefit of wearing a kilt when nature calls. Being in a bank, his red kilt was hanging modestly where it should, but the fascinating part about his ensemble this time was really his hat.

Now, he was sporting the hat on our last encounter, but it was not the most noteworthy thing, given his activity at the time. This time however, with kilt firmly in place it did draw my attention. His hat is one of the fuzzy ones with earflaps, and it is darkly coloured giving the appearance, when the flaps are up, of the hats the Buckingham palace guards wear. Which is fun in itself, but attached at the front was a pair of crossed knitting needles. I really cannot think of anything else they could be, and having grown up with my mother and her arts and crafts, I feel pretty confident in my ability to identify a knitting needle when I see one! Why knitting needles? Who knows. But oh the possibilities…

Since he continues to make appearances here, I think my goal this year will be to eventually capture him on film. For now, Kilt Man continues to be as elusive as he is intriguing, only popping up when I don’t have a camera and/or when I can’t really take a picture (I feel that’s frowned upon in banks), but now that I’ve seen him twice I know he’s local. I’m closing in! Let’s just hope wind is minimal when I finally do…

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