Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to Procrastinate Without Really Trying

So while I am trying to write the hardest paper of my college career, I might as well procrastinate my brains out! Why else would Facebook, Stumbleupon and Addictive Games have been invented?

Anyways, I figure now is the best time to share how to snag free stuff at markets and vendor places stalls things.

So as I mentioned in my last post, I just recently came back from Punta Cana. (Send me back! Its suppose to blizzard on Friday!) Where, as my friends and I took a 45 min stroll down the beach, we found a little shanty shop place! Yay! One of my favorite souvenirs to collect  is locally made jewelry or paintings if I can find them. So therefore when I see local markets I get really excited to score some cheap stuff.

To score free stuff:

1. Walk up to vendor with guy friend.
2. Start looking at bracelets and necklaces for said guy's girlfriend.
3. Engage in conversation with local.
4. While discussing with local shopkeeper that 'no you will not go home with him and why thank you I know I'm very pretty' ("don't kidnap me please!") have guy friend mention girlfriend.
5. As shopkeeper asks if you are this girlfriend play along, it will work to your advantage.
6. Hopefully, in response to the GF question, your guy will respond with "I'm looking for a necklace for my first GF, this one already got something."
7. If all goes well, shopkeeper will high five the guy for being such an awesome player and give you a free necklace for fully accepting polygamy.

There you go, free stuff! With only slightly compromising your morals and playing along with the locals :D. If this doesn't work, I find batting you eye lashing and telling people that you forgot your money at home usually leads to free things.

Good Luck!

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