Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm Back People!

Ok so basically this is another way of avoiding the dreaded Capping project every Marist senior has to do. Read:80 pages of torture by way of analyzing a company on everything they have basically ever done. Oh yeah, this is FUN people.

So I figure what better time to avoid doing homework crucial to my shmaduation (ie graduation, but this word is illegal in my house)?

For those who are not in the know, and I'll admit its usually me, I just got back from an absolutly fantastic week in Punta Cana. Think pink sand, aqua water and 85* weather. Yeah thats right be jealous :D

Lovely isn't it? Yeah I though so too, that was until I was shown my room.

I booked this trip with about 130 people from my college. Yes that is 130. So I realized going into spring break that our hotel my not be the 5 star gorgeousness that I'm use to seeing on the travel channel. I was not disappointed.

Barcelo Punta Cana was lovely from the out side, and from what I heard had a very nice renovated wing. My room on the other hand was rank. Think hairballs on the floor, scummy shower, and the lovely order of mold and mildew. Oh and I had to share it with my 3 other housemates, usually not a problem but with two rock head beds we were in for a few sleepless nights.

Now the room I really don't care about. Ok so it was gross, but I've stayed in hostels so I can tough it out. The one thing I refuse to compromise on is my food. If you can't tell, Steph and I like to eat, like to eat a lot, and like good food. The food at Barcelo, not so great. I mean its was edible for the most part, but a girl can only like on bread rolls and pasta for so long. Were on an ISLAND wheres the seafood and fresh fruit? My vision of sitting on the beach with a plate full of pineapple were sadly unfulfilled.

Other than the lack of nutrition and edible substances, Spring Break was awesome! The beach was sunny, the drink were strong (don't judge me mom!) and the boys were cute ;). Would I do it again? Yes. At Barcelo Punts Cana? Nope, lesson learned.

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