Monday, January 11, 2010

Allie's First Days in London


Finally I'm here!

The flight form Boston to Amsterdam was mostly uneventful. Yummy pasta (surprising right?). Personal TVs. Not so bad blankets.
The only downside was the twitchy guy who sat next to me. Seriousally everytime I tried to go to sleep or was just nodding off he would bump the armrest, or my sholder. Arg so fusturating! There was also a guy a few rows back who was just whiney. Seriousally if your over 40 stop complaining about the airline food, its on a airplane- expect the worst and be happy if its edible.

My list of things that shouldn't be allowed near airports:
shreaking children
squeeky rolling bags
twitchy people

1/8/10....not really sure what day it is?
Next plane ride from Amsterdam to London was pretty plesent. Bonded with the girl sitting next to me, she was from Holland and goes to university in London. It was cool, she told me about different things to do in the city including shopping and which neighborhoods are fun to visit.

mailing address for next 4 months

Allie Karzenski
Metrogate House
3-7 Queen's Gate Terrace

Mail to this address even though in living at flat 16A on a flat in Manson Place.

Finding the flat was a bit of an adventure, you would think that 16A would be the street address. Wellllll apparently not. In fact I live in building 13, which is just plain confusing. Luckly enough as I was wandering up and down my street my neighbor showed me which house and which flat as well as helping me to carry my 1000000000 lb bag up four flights of stairs. Thank you sir who I don't remember the name of.
So the flat:
I would draw a little sketch but I dont think I can on the blog thingy. So walkin in, its a small hall that has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathroom leading off of it with a common room and kitchen. Sadly, no dishwasher but so far its been ok. Theres 12 people in my flat, two of which are boys and the rooms are made up of 2-3 people each. I'm rooming w/ Coleen and Christi in what I'm convinced is the biggest room in the flat. (YAY). Its not too bad, sparce w/ a bunk bed and a single as well as 3 armouirs (sp?) so it works.

1/9/10 cont...
The neighborhood is very pretty made up of white, well brownstones I guess. Row houses? Flats? Whatever. Its pretty. I guess they are all pretty expensive around here, or at least they look it and around the corner are some reallllllly nice hotels. Down the block a bit theres a lot of different resturants and shops, mostly small family owned ones. So far the prices don't look too bad for things- around $2 to $3 for a cup of coffee (more than Costal eek!) but its a cute area.
Col, Christi and I went for dinner with Alex Vas at a little homie Italian place arround the corner which was nice and had really good food with super fresh ingredents. On the way there I noticed that the street were painted at cross section to say "look left" or "look right," adorable how they dont want their tourist to get killed (cough mom cough).
So after dinner we adventured to "The Sports Bar" to do the quinticental Engligh thing of....watching the Jets game! Eh whatever dont judge. It was still fun to hang out with people in my program and we met a few local American Football fans.
Jetlag, its the only thing keeping me back!.........sleep......zzzzzzzzz

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