Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Observed in the Streets of Scotland

The age old question: What DO they wear under their kilts? Rumour has it that the answer is nothing. Some confirm some deny. I tend to agree with the former group (don’t worry Mom I haven’t actually checked!). Last semester I went to a rugby game for which a kilt is basically required attire. All of a sudden there was a gust of wind, and every guy groped for his kilt, walking on with his hands firmly at his sides until the wind had died down. Then as we were sitting down I was treated to commentary from the guy next to me as to how crucial kilt placement is when sitting. He sort of started to sit, adjusted his kilt and very slowly lowered himself, checking along the way to make sure the kilt hadn’t moved. “The seats are REALLY cold,” he explained.

The latest in my super serious Kilt Watch 2010 happened today as I was walking to class. Crossing a street I heard running water to my right, which was unusual, so I turned to look. It was not running water. Rather, a man was relieving himself against the wall of the building I had just passed. I very quickly looked away, but not before realizing that he had strategically arranged his kilt so that he was not exposing himself. Which I thought was rather decent of him. I mean, as decent as possible while urinating in the street in broad daylight. But every little bit helps.

This being called “Observed in Scotland” it seemed like I should have a picture, which of course I don’t for obvious reasons, namely that it would be totally inappropriate. But also, I didn’t have my camera on me…

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